Venesanar Cream

VeneSanar is a biologically active cream which improves circulation, strengthens the skin and stimulates the natural regeneration process. It helps diminish the appearance of thread veins (Spider Vein), Bruises, and dark patches under the eyes (Crow Feet). Three main ingredients are Vitamin K3, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It helps strengthen blood vessel walls and reduces the risk of new   injuries, while fading existing imperfections. Bruises are formed as injured   blood vessels allow blood to pool under the skin. The application of Vitamin K is known to aid the body in reabsorbing the blood more quickly for a faster healing process. Frequently dark patches under the eyes are usually caused by a buildup of blood under the skin due to weakened or damaged blood vessels. Vitamin K is also helpful in fading annoying and unsightly skin discolorations such as crow feet.  



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