CoQ-10 Gummy


Sanar Naturals CoQ10 Gummies work to maintain healthy CoQ10 levels in the body; although naturally produced by the body, the levels decline as you age. The heart, liver & kidney contain high concentrations of mitochondria — which has the function of supplying energy to these vital tissues and protecting against oxidative stress. CoQ10 is a nutrient that is present within the mitochondria with strong antioxidants, in turn helping to support heart functions and promote energy production in cells. CoQ10 is also utilized by your cells for growth and maintenance. Our tasty CoQ10 gummies feature an important coenzyme and antioxidant that further aims to promote cell energy  and cardiovascular health. No pills, no tablets, just a great tropical fruit flavor! Sanar Naturals CoQ10 Gummies help to provide an energy boost within the heart and muscles for those feeling occasional fatigue, while supporting healthy aging, brain health and  heart functions. Another use for CoQ10 is to help replenish depletions caused by statin medications. Our gummies are gluten free, and do not contain milk, eggs, peanuts, or dairy.



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