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Mission Statement:

To keep the tradition that made us the “Leading Hispanic Brand,” by continuing to deliver natural and innovative Health and Wellness products that best serve the needs of our customers.

Leadership Team

Doug Site Profile

Doug Brown

Doug Brown is the CEO of Sanvall Enterprises and is responsible for Strategy, Finance and all Administrative functions. Prior to Sanvall, Doug served as President for 12 years at Florida Supplement, a quality focused nutritional supplement manufacturer in South Florida. Doug has extensive experience in all aspects of Profit & Loss (P&L) Management, Quality Initiatives and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the Nutritional Supplement Industry. With previous employment at Booz Allen & Hamilton, Cambridge Technology Partners and Adjoined Consulting, Doug has consulted for a variety of industries for business and technology solutions. Doug received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia Business School in 1997 and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University in 1993. Doug has three children and enjoys playing volleyball and basketball.

Paulo Site Profile

Paulo Hala

Paulo Hala is the President of Sanvall Enterprises and is responsible for Marketing, Sales and Operations. Prior to Sanvall, Paulo served as VP of Business Development for 4 years at Florida Supplement, a quality focused nutritional supplement manufacturer. Paulo’s previous work experience includes spending 9 years as the Managing Director/President at Fleet Labs (Fleet Enema & Summer’s Eve) for the Latin American, European, Middle Eastern and African markets. Paulo was at Procter & Gamble Brazil for 10 years and was responsible for management of its pharmaceutical channel for brands like Vicks®, Metamucil®, Pampers® and Pantene®. Paulo received his BA in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM, Brazil, in 1989, and also participated in the Consumer Marketing Strategy Program presented by Prof. Philip Kotler at Kellogg School of Management in 2005. Paulo has 4 kids and enjoys running and rubix cube.

Cari Site Profile

Cari Sancerni

Cari Sancerni is the HR/Finance Director at Sanvall Enterprises and daughter of the founder of the company, Armando Sancerni. Joining the family business in 2010 with a focus on  sales and finance, Cari brought over 25 years of experience in financing and private banking. With her hard work and dedication, Cari was a leader in closed volume sales for Gibraltar Bank. Cari is very passionate about preserving her fathers mantra of offering Hispanic products “for the community, by the community,” and about the impact we make to those who come in contact with the Sanar Brand. Cari has two kids and enjoys country music and a good football/basketball game.


Mike Lopez

Mike Lopez is the Sales and Warehouse Manager at Sanvall Enterprises, as well as the grandson of Armando Sancerni (the founder of Sanvall Enterprises). With a smile on his face throughout the day and having a very hands-on approach to his position, Mike embodies the core values of drive, enthusiasm and trust his Grandfather used to grow Sanar Naturals into the Leading Hispanic Brand. With previous experience in warehouse management at multiple Publix stores and having been in the Sales sector with Sanvall since he joined the company, Mike is responsible for all the sales reps and warehouse employees. Mike has three kids and enjoys baseball and exercise.


Sanvall Enterprises, owner of the Sanar Naturals brand, is a family run company that has been in business since 1992 (celebrated 25 years in 2017!) serving consumers with superior quality, American made, natural, organic and OTC products. Specialized in Latin American markets, our brand targets 62 million Hispanics in the USA and has a strong market presence with partnerships with Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and HEB.

don armando Newspaper.jpg

Armando Sancerni was the late founder of Sanvall Enterprises and spearheaded a unique and captivating example of real life success. A life long dream became reality after being let go from his job, with 25 years in the banking industry, due to the unfortunate housing crisis of 1991. Mr. Sancerni saw an opportunity and he took it.


Armando Sancerni was born in La Habana, Cuba. He had studied law in Cuba at Universidade La Salle, but his dream of becoming a lawyer was trumped by Fidel Castro’s coming to power. While at the university, Mr. Sancerni was working in a bank and because of this experience, in conjunction with a few contacts he had previously made in Miami, he was able to continue his career in the United States with other financial institutions such as Ocean Bank and Republic National Bank (now Regions Bank).

After receiving counsel by multiple friends and studying the current market trends, Mr. Sancerni decided to join the rat race as a distributor of vitamin products.Without any knowledge of the business, Mr. Sancerni was confident in his determination and hard work; he got together three laboratories to start working on his products and like this, he founded the company Sanvall Enterprises, Inc. The name Sanvall was derived by combining the first three letters of the word “sanar,” which means “heal” in Spanish, and his mother’s last name “Vall.” Mr. Sancerni even decided to use green tops with his products since the rest of the competition was using white tops.

But with a business that started at home, the next challenge was to figure out how he could get to the big buyers. With his charismatic personality and a growing market demand, Mr. Sancerni was able to make connections and, ultimately, in 1994, negotiate a contract with Wal-Mart, crediting this success to the skills he acquired previously while in the banking industry. This was his big break and from then on, the company has been growing exponentially.

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