Our goal is to bring you the best health and wellness remedies while preserving the tradition that has made us the Leading Hispanic Brand. We are always  here to support all your health needs. Welcome to the family! 


With over 25 years in manufacturing expertise, we always make sure our products are done the right way . All products are lab verified,  manufactured in FDA registered facilities, and follow the latest Good Manufacturing Practices. 


Your satisfaction and trust is how we get here in the first place. There are over 3 million customers of Sanar Naturals that have continued to use our products year after year. You can always reach out to us for support at sanarnaturals@sanvall.com. 


Armando Sancerni was the late founder of Sanvall Enterprises who spearheaded a unique and captivating example of real life success. A life long dream became reality after being let go from his job in the banking industry due to the unfortunate housing crisis of 1991. Mr. Sancerni saw an opportunity to provide natural health products at affordable prices under a new brand: Sanar Naturals. By teaming up with his family and reliable manufacturers, his dream was realized. Positive response from the community of Miami would eventually gain the attention of Walmart, making the brand go national. 

Sanar Naturals is now the leading Hispanic Health & Wellness brand in the United States, providing an excellent mix of traditional and innovative products for everyone. Our products can be purchased across major retailers including Walmart and Target.


We are proudly certified by The National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc ® , one of the country’s leading corporate membership organizations committed to helping solve the growing need for supplier diversity of all business, big or small.